DOB: ??? '06
Origin: Hexed by me during the Houla spots craze. Hutch was feautured in my avatar on PCG for years. He's one of my favorite petz!

DOB: August 3, '09
Origin: Snagged from a freebie litter by Michy on PCG. I LOVED Michy's hexies and could never get enough of them.


DOB: June 5, '17
Origin: Michy hexed her Haku danes years ago and I've been in love with the file ever since. Spirited Away is such a beautiful movie. After all these years I finally have one of these danes for myself! Thank you Michy.

DOB: ??? '09
Origin: Trade with Michy. Lots of people applied for these pups and luckily I was chosen to get one! Her colors remind me so much of the Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.


DOB: ??? '09
Origin: A gift from Loxie, who surprised me with the colors. I love the pink and pale green combo, Loxie was always super detailed with her hexies and amazing at making them all unique.

DOB: June 2, '17
Origin: Trade with Pinto. Pinto has knack for hexing petz with cartoonish personalities/looks, so this guy is extremely special to me. He's a poodle and a little stuck up. :)


DOB: May 18, '17
Origin: Trade with Ali. I've always admired Ali's old school hexies, but Jake is the first dog I've owned from her. I love his classic inverted ear.

DOB: May 30, '17
Origin: Trade with Keeley. I LOVED Beethoven as a little kid so I was super excited when Keeley offered a St. Bernard to me. She's named after Beethoven's girlfriend.


DOB: April 20, '11
Origin: Snagged from Moonflower on PCG. Moonflower posted several Easter litters and I was quick enough to grab Tropic. Her wings are INCREDIBLE.

DOB: May 28, '17
Origin: Trade with Joy. Joy is unbelieveable at hexing and if I could own her entire archive, I would. I adore Yukon's huskyish looks.


DOB: January 19, '06
Origin: Hexed by me. I have almost zero recollection of hexing this dog, but she's from one of the last litters I ever adopted out on TPS. :(

DOB: May 28, '17
Origin: Trade with Luli. Luli is probably the kindest and most generous person in the PC, so I'm thrilled to own a hexie by her.


DOB: June 2, '17
Origin: Bailey's girlfriend! :) Karrie was kind enough to offer me Kayla after I suggested she hex a black-tri corgi. She turned out super adorable.

DOB: May 31, '17
Origin: Gift from Karrie. Karrie's one of my long time PC pals and she's incredibely sweet. She let me request a custom of one of her files, and Bailey was born! I love his shortie legs.


DOB: ??? '05
Origin: Trade with Sirius. I was OBSESSED with her hexies and when she offered Azael and Ducious to me in a trade, I about died. The old school furfiles are amazing.

DOB: August 12, '09
Origin: Trade with Kimberly. I'd originally missed out on a wolf hex from Kimberly, so when she contacted me about trading I was over the moon; her hexies are PERFECT. Kapu's name comes from Julie of the Wolves, one of my favorite books.


DOB: ??? '06
Origin: Trade with Michy. Cronic is one of her 'Glimpse' danes, an old file of hers I always loved. I'm kind of a sucker for cool furfiles like this. :) Cronic was one of the first petz I showed off on PCG when it opened.

DOB: ??? '6
Origin: Gift from Michy. Misty is one of Michy's 'Cleanse' danes, but she's special because she has the wizard texture on her legs, unlike the other pups from this file.


DOB: July 31, '09
Origin: Loxie loved a drawing I shared on PCG and hexed Saebrial from it. She seriously nailed every detail of my artwork.

DOB: May 28, '17
Origin: Trade with Syren/Rachel, who's a total sweetheart. One of the first trades I made since The Revival, I love his spotwork and oversized paws!


DOB: May 13, '17
Origin: Hexed by me, named and dedicated after Oran/Danny, a long time PC member who was taken too soon. Oran was a good friend to me back on TPS, and I spent many nights staying up late chatting away with her & Michy. She was a great hexer and a kind soul.

DOB: May 11, '17
Origin: Snatched off a Facebook litter by Liv. Liv is a badass babe and while I own several bred petz from her, this is my first hexie of hers. I love her pink nose and name, it's suits her perfectly!


DOB: ??? '11
Origin: Pinto is an AMAZING artist. She posted a cute picture of a cartoon wolf on PCG, and I suggested she hex it. To my delight she did, and this guy was born! One of my favorite hexies, he's super fun to play with and so creatively hexed.

DOB: May 28, '17
Origin: Trade with Nena. I'm stoked to own this pup, as Nena ran Amenity, my favorite petz site of all time. I spent hours on there fawning over her hexies and gorgeous graphics. 14 year old me would be in heaven right now!


DOB: ??? '09
Origin: I was immediately obsessed with this file when Loxie posted it on PCG, and luckily she was willing to trade! The first pet I ever owned that had 'eyeliner'.

DOB: ??? '05
Origin: Originally Sirius offered only Azrael to me, so when she sent along Ducious as well as a surprise I was beyond excited. Probably the best trade I ever made. :)


DOB: March 29, '05
Origin: Hexed by me, from a freebie litter on TPS. One of the last litters I ever posted there under my old handle 'atomical', before I started going by Harli.

DOB: ??? '09
Origin: Purchased off PA, hexed by Michy. This guy has the coolest subtle little body bods and is SUPER spunky and silly in-game. All of Michy's hexies are phenomenal and this guy is no exception.


DOB: June 4, '17
Origin: Trade with Tallie. Such a classic looking hex, I love it! Mottled has always been my favorite texture on petz. This pup is a total goofball in-game. :)

DOB: June 20, '06
Origin: Trade with JT, one of my oldest and more chesished petz. I LOVE his furfile. JT is the owner and creator of PCG so that makes Korruptor extra special.


DOB: May 29, '17
Origin: Trade with Meg. I love his little leo spots! Meg had tons of gorgeous hexies to choose from, but what can I say? I love me some harli danes. ;)

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