DOB: May 24, '17
Origin: Trade with Cathface. My first hexed cat since The Revival and maybe my first non-wild hexed cat EVER?! I can't recall owning any hexed catz before out of Kovu & Kiara... I was always a dogz fan! But I love this sweetie. Cath did an amazing job hexing this file.

DOB: July 18, '16
Origin: Trade with Mazz, a 'Cookie Dough Tabby'. I love the flushed pink cheeks and little ears! Probably one of the cutest hexies I own, and everybody knows Tabby catz have the coolest personalities to boot. :)


DOB: ??? '09
Origin: The Lion King & TLK2 were my favorite movies as a kid. Michy was awesome enough to hex me Kovu & Kiara as a gift, and they're probably my most meaningful petz. I've definitely played with them more than any others! They're even ~in love~.

DOB: ??? '09
Origin: Gifted to me from Michy with Kiara. Kovu has an Alley Cat personality which is hilarious, he's constantly hissing and being a grump ass. I LOVE his claws.

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